Toni Paget

Wedding Celebrant & MC


The gorgeous Ardeena Estate, the sister venue of the famous Summergrove Estate.

Ardeena is a DIY venue situated in Carool just below the QLD/NSW border. The beauty of this venue is it is a blank canvas just waiting to be transformed into your wildest wedding dreams!

You can style, accessorise, arrange and even staff as you see fit. My favourite aspect is a built-in bar that you can fill with your poison to avoid those bar tab/spirits on the bar problems. Just have whatever you like and hire someone to serve it! 

The other bonus here is the various ceremony locations, your free to set up wherever you like but the best spot in my opinion is the clearing in between the amazing macadamia trees. Plus there is also accommodation on site so you don’t have to crawl very far a the end of the night!

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