Toni Paget

Wedding Celebrant & MC

To All The Venues I've Loved Before...

Gold Coast Wedding Venues

Being a Gold Coast Celebrant is a being a part of a highly saturated field. Getting onto a preferred suppliers list is the holy grail in the wedding industry, but for those yet to secure some repeat business from a venue, the major bonus is getting to see so many different venues and locations. Today as I once again visited a venue for the very first time I thought to myself geez it has to be around 60+ mark by now. I was right and I thought I would compile a list of all the venues I have had the pleasure of attending at least once! 

Simply click on the venue name to be taken to their website- 

With another 20+ new weddings on the horizon for this year alone, like Kooroomba Lavender Farm and Sandstone Point Hotel , I cant wait to see where the love takes me!

If you would like any feedback on any of the gorgeous venues I have had the pleasure of attending, please don't hesitate to ask.