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Gold Coast Parks and Beaches Information

All the following information is directly from the Gold Coast City Council Website- To access the information directly you can follow the following addresses

Park weddings

Beach Weddings

The Gold Coast has an amazing selection of parks to celebrate your wonderful occasion, with magnificent ocean views or beautiful gardens providing the perfect backdrop. Some of our parks suitable for wedding ceremonies also have rotundas and seating. The picturesque gardens, waterways and beaches nearby are the ideal canvas for your wedding photos.

We know how important your wedding day is and booking a nominated park is the best way to ensure no other weddings are taking place at the same time. Your wedding day is often the biggest celebration in your life so please secure your date early. Once your booking is approved, City of Gold Coast will not book any other ceremonies that coincide with your wedding.

The Gold Coast has lots of beautiful parks which are available to provide a spectacular setting for your wedding ceremony. We’ve put together a list of our most popular and unique wedding locations, with photos and details for each site, to make your choice as easy as possible. There are many other parks that are also regularly used for weddings.

Gold Coast Regional Botanic Gardens

Benowa John Laws Park

Burleigh Heads Cascade Gardens

Broadbeach Pat Fagan Park

Coolangatta Point Danger Park

Coolangatta Len Wort Park

Currumbin Harley Park

Labrador Mick Schamburg Park

Miami Laguna Park

Palm Beach Paradise Point Parklands

Paradise Point Broadwater Parklands

Southport Macintosh Island Park

Surfers Paradise Philip Park

The Spit

If you are planning to say "I do" on the golden sands of the Gold Coast, you must first obtain City of Gold Coast approval.

Beach weddings are approved by the City at no cost to the applicant on a non-exclusive basis for simple ceremonies only.

The ceremony is limited to a maximum of 50 people. This ensures there is minimal impact on the environment and other beach users. Beach weddings are therefore not appropriate for people considering a large formal wedding.

The beach is for the use and enjoyment of all and public access must not be restricted in any way.

There is no cost to be married on Gold Coast beaches.

To obtain approval for your beach wedding, you must apply for a beach wedding permit which can be found at the below address.

Do I need to make a booking?

Gold Coast parks are popular venues for many events - from weddings to birthday parties, picnics and get-togethers. We know how important your wedding day is and booking your preferred park is the best way to ensure no other weddings booked by the City of Gold Coast are taking place at the same time. Please note, if you want to book a beach wedding, there is a separate application process.

We have compiled a list of our most popular wedding locations. These can be found here. Of course, there are many other parks that are also great for a wedding and you are able to book these as well.

How much does it cost?

There is an application fee of $103 to book the park. Broadwater Parklands and Gold Coast Regional Botanic Gardens ceremonies have their own separate fees.

Can I book the park longer than two hours?

All bookings are in two-hour increments only. This way, we can meet demand, and sometimes allow several weddings to take place comfortably across the day. We ask that you please do not set up the area earlier than your booking time, as there may be another wedding before yours.

Am I able to have music playing?

Of course. Acoustic and amplified music is fine. But please respect local park users and nearby residents by keeping music to a suitable volume.

Do we need a permit to photograph?
No. Photography and videography are at your leisure. If you do wish to have photographs taken at a park, without a ceremony, we still suggest the park is booked. This way we can try and limit the number of photography sessions in the one location. All of our parks have picturesque photography locations, and of course foreshore parks have easy access to the beach. 

Are we allowed to bring our own alcohol or serve food?

No alcohol is permitted to be consumed in parks in accordance with Queensland State Law. The booking is for two hours only which is for the set up, ceremony and photos. There are many amazing cafes, restaurants and function centres within walking distance or a short drive from popular parks.

Can I use any celebrant?

Yes, you are able to select any celebrant – it is your day, enjoy! It is a good idea to forward a copy of the park booking to the celebrant, so they can ensure they set up at the correct location and time.

Can I bring my own equipment?

You may bring your own wedding set-up including carpeted aisle, archway, flags and/or a signing table. We ask that chairs are limited to 20 in respect to other park users. You are also able to erect a 3 metre x 3 metre pop-up marquee, however, we ask that pegs are not used in the grass.

Can my vehicle gain access to drive in the park?

No. As the park is open to all residents, safety is of upmost importance. All the parks recommended for weddings have nearby roads/parking spaces so only a short walk to the aisle is required.

Can I use confetti or rice?

We ask that the confetti be biodegradable. Of course you are also able to use loose rose petals and/or bubbles. The use of rice is prohibited as it attracts wildlife.

What if it rains?

We strongly suggest you have a Plan B in place. We do have several venues that have a small undercover area that would accommodate a small wedding, however, the undercover area cannot be booked exclusively. These parks are Laguna Park, Cascade Gardens and Harley Park.

What if I need to cancel or change the date?

We ask that you contact us as soon as possible in the event of a cancellation/change of date. This way we can free the booking time and make it available to another bride and groom.

What if other events are on at the same time as my wedding?

The City of Gold Coast (City) plays host to many events, whether they are in Parks, on the city streets or within major entertainment complexes. The City is not responsible for advising you of any other events that may be held in and around the Gold Coast on your wedding day. We will of course, refuse any bookings for the park that coincide with your wedding. There are certain events, however, over which we have not direct control.

Do you fence a section off for the ceremony?

Parks and Recreational Services will make a reservation for the parkland for your wedding. The Crown Land (Reserves) Act, however, does not allow for exclusive use of the park or for an area to be physically cordoned off from the public.

Tweed Shire Permit Information

All the following information is directly from the Tweed Shire Council Website- To access the information directly you can follow the following address-

Guidelines to Wedding Applications Casual Park Hire - application for approval under Section 68 Local Government Act 1993 


 • Check with Council on 02 6670 2400 on the availability of your chosen location, date and time.

• A tentative booking can be made providing a 2 week timeframe to submit your application.

• If an application has not been received within this 2 week period your tentative booking will automatically be cancelled and made available to the next applicant. 


• A maximum of 3 hours hire is available. Ensure your booking allows 3 hours.

• This timeframe allows for set up, guest arrival, brides arrival, ceremony, photos and clean up.

• When deciding on your start and finish time ensure you take into account the time of your guests arrival as well as traffic conditions that may cause the bride to be late for the ceremony.

• The approval is only valid for the timeframe specified. This will prevent any impacts on later bookings and other park users.

• Time is NSW time and daylight savings and school holidays need to be taken into consideration. 


• The location is the area stated on the approval.

• Always provide the nearest street and cross roads.

• Deviation from this location, especially in restricted areas at SALT and Fingal, (as stated on the map provided) may result in fines under s68 of the Local Government Act 1993.

• Weddings in restricted areas are STRICTLY prohibited. • The area between Mantra and Peppers is a restricted area reserved for Surf Life Saving, emergency services and rescue personnel.

• Fingal Lighthouse is restricted as it is Crown Land and is an environmentally sensitive area. 

 Ceremonies in restricted areas or outside of approved areas may incur penalties.

If you are unsure of the park or beach name, refer to Council's 'Mapping' tool.

Alternatively, both Popular Location Maps and Tweed Beaches documents available on Council's website have park and road names available. 


• A non-refundable fee is required with the submission of an application.

• Cheque, Money Order, Credit Card and cash are accepted for over the counter payments.

• Cheque or Money Order for postal applications. Do not post cash.

• An invoice can be issued for applications received by e-mail and fax.

Applications must be submitted a minimum of 10 weeks prior to your event if an invoice is required.

• Invoices can take up to 10 working days to process. During busy periods this may be up to 20 days. • Invoices must be paid within 28 days of receipt. • Invoices incur interest if not paid within the specified timeframe. Invoices not paid shortly after the specified time may forfeit your application and allow a booking for the next applicant. • Penalties may be incurred for ceremonies without approval, outside approval conditions or within a restricted area.

Please refer to Council's Fees and Charges for current charges 


• Casual Park Hire applications must be received by Council at least 4 weeks prior to your event and must include payment.

• If an invoice is issued than approval will not occur till after payment is received. Ensure your application is submitted 10 weeks prior to your event if invoicing is required.

• Invoices can take a minimum of 10 and maximum of 20 working days to process.

• Completed applications will only be accepted. Make sure it is signed.

• Ensure that the Day, Date and Time are correct at time of application.

• Approval will not be issued till full payment is received.

• A minimum of 10 Working days to process approval after payment is received. 


 • Personal or 'Pop-up' shelters are permitted under 6m x 3m.

• Red carpet, Bali flags and signing table.

• Loud music, excessive noise or inappropriate behaviour will not be accepted.

• Maximum of 30 seats. 

Not approved 

• Confetti or other similar items are NOT permitted to be used in any of Council's parks or beaches.

• Alcohol on any of our parks and beaches.

• Wedding Receptions.

• Vehicular access: vehicles are not permitted to access public parks and must only use public roads and car parking areas.

• Commercial based events, including promotional days and business gatherings.

• Commercial marquees.

• Sale of food or catering by commercial catering companies.

• Amusement devices (eg. jumping castles, pony rides, animal farms).

• Exclusive use - area must be shared with the general public.

• Use of Power.

• Fireworks.

• Release of Balloons - see Protection of the Environment Operations Act 1997 - Amendment (Balloons) Act 2000 

You can see the application form at the following address-