The housekeeping is the first part of the ceremony, I will welcome all the guests and provide any applicable housekeeping announcements. Any information that you need communicated to your guests before the ceremony will need to be communicated at this point, as after you've walked down the aisle there's no turning back!

When planning the questions I will ask in regards to housekeeping will include-

Would you like an unplugged ceremony- Meaning no phones or cameras to be used during the ceremony?

Would you like a social media hold off- This means asking your guests to wait to share any photos of you on social media until you have had a chance to do so first?

Will you be having a hashtag? A tag that your guests will use when sharing on social media- ie. a tag that your guests will use when posting so you can see the photos collectively when searching the hashtag- for example #jasseandcarlygethitched2020

Would you like a group photo/s following the ceremony? If a group photo is something you want captured at some stage in your day, this is the easiest time to do so.

Will you be having a styled “Exit” for your first walk as newlyweds? ie. confetti, bubbles etc. This is most smoothly executed when co-ordinated before the ceremony begins.

-If toilets are uneasy to find I may advise on their location. 

Remember, anything you want to see happen, let me know and I'll make sure your guests are aware of your wishes.

You can watch a "Hot Tip Thursday" video on housekeeping here-