Name Change Tips

Changing your name is a time consuming task that unfortunately there is no easy way around. There are companies that offer one stop shops but really you end up putting in just as much effort as you do doing it yourself. 

The best I can offer you- in true Toni style- is of course a checklist!! 

"From the department of Births Deaths and Marriage-

Changing your name through marriage

Many people choose to use their spouse’s family name once they are married—it’s a custom and not the law.

If you were married in Australia, you don't need to apply formally for a change of name with us. Usually personal documentation, such as your driver licence and passport, can be changed to your married name when you provide a standard marriage certificate.

Apply to get a standard marriage certificate if you need a certificate from us.

How to change your name through marriage

If you choose to change your name when you get married, you’ll need to tell various government agencies, banks, utility suppliers and other businesses your new married name.

You may be asked to:

• send a letter or email

• complete a change request form (online or one they send out to you)

• visit an office in person.

Organisations will also have different requirements on what proof they need, some may want:

• to see your standard marriage certificate

• a certified photocopy of your standard marriage certificate for your account file with them

• evidence of updated photo ID

• a combination of identity documents."

Name Change Tips

1. The first step should be to order your marriage certificate from Births, Deaths and Marriages first. Some government departments and financial institutions may insist on your BDM certificate, not the ceremonial certificate issued on the day of your wedding.

2. Get photo ID in your new name as soon as possible. Some companies accept updated photo ID as proof of name change.

3. Take some photocopies of your photo ID under your old name before changing. Driver licenses often need to be surrendered, so it can help to have a copy should you ever need to prove your old name.

4. Set aside a day to get all your name change notifications done at once. Name changes that drag out can occupy a lot of head space and cause problems if you need to prove your identity.

5. Set a deadline for your name change. Aim to get all your accounts, memberships and paperwork into your new name within a month of starting.

Proof of name change

Marriage Certificate (from BDM)


Driver’s licence

Car registration


Electoral roll

Australian Taxation Office


Council (for property owners)



Electricity provider

Gas provider

Water provider


Home phone account

Mobile phone account


Pay TV


Bank accounts

Credit Cards

Store Cards

Building Societies

Investment accounts


Personal loans

Share holdings


Home / contents insurance

Car insurance

Health insurance

Life insurance

Income protection insurance


Library memberships

Gym membership


Frequent Flyer membership

Loyalty programs (eg FlyBuys)

Video libraries

Automobile Clubs

Professional memberships

Sporting associations





Ambulance subscription


Employment & Education

Your employer

Australian Business Registrar (if you are a company director)

Superannuation funds

Alumni organisations

Your children’s school


Your will

Title Deeds office

Real estate agent (if renting)

Lawyer / Solicitor


Tollway accounts (e.g. Linkt)

eBay & PayPal

Facebook / Instagram/ LinkedIn/ Twitter

Australian Organ Donor Register


Pet microchip company


Name Change Checklist