The Presentation

After signing the register, you will return to the altar and the celebrant will now present you as a married couple to your guests. Usually you will have a song to walk down the aisle to in an upbeat excited to be married tone. Be sure to grab your flowers for your walk and if you want to have another kiss before you go that’s totally fine too! 

Sometimes if you have an extra kiss it gives your music an extra few seconds to kick in and an extra chance for your photographer to a sneaky kissing shot. Any confetti or bubbles etc. that were advised at the beginning will be reminded by me at this point.

I will normally say a few words along the lines of the example below.

You fell in love by chance, but you're both here today because you're making a choice. You've chosen to be with someone who enhances you, who makes you think, makes you smile, and makes every day brighter and now you get to officially share those joys forever. With all of that being said, family and friends, would you please join me in congratulating, for the first time as husband and wife… Mr/Mrs and Mr/Mrs Smith!