Grab your flowers before you head back down as you won’t be able to get back to them through a sea of people congratulating you.

At the end of my final wording, I will pronounce you as newlyweds, if you loved hearing that so much that you want to have another kiss at this point you are allowed!

You will have to decide if you would like your bridal party to follow you down the aisle or would you like your first walk alone.

Usually a bridal party will follow and if they are, please ask them to link arms for the whole 5 seconds it takes to walk down.

Think about how long you want to walk for, do you want to walk all the way to a break spot or do you want to be congratulated immediately.

Its a good idea to assign a first hugger- Mums are good for that, at times no one wants to be the first to come over and congratulate you and everyone staring at you instead (it happens).

If you want to have a few moments to yourselves straight after the ceremony please let your celebrant and your photographer know so guests can be advised at the start of the ceremony.

Decide on your song for leaving down the aisle. You’ve just got married, all the hard stuff is over and its time for the party to begin so make sure you pick a song that says so.

If you are having a confetti or similar exit please let your celebrant know so they can co-ordinate that at the start of the ceremony and again before the walk.

Try and stay together at least for a few shots, sometimes you get so caught up in the congratulations that lose each other as soon as you’ve been married.

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