Toni Paget

Wedding Celebrant & MC

Surfers Paradise Golf Club

I have travelled to this venue quite a few times now and find it such a relaxed easy going place for a ceremony. I especially love that the bar is open for a few drinks for the groom and his groomsman before everyone arrives, it certainly helps calm the nerves! 

The reception venue is upstairs completely separate from the main restaurant and bar so there is no need to worry about it not being a 100% private venue. 

The ceremony location is out on the practice green with enough flat surface room to cater for 100's of seats if you are much more popular than myself 😂 set amongst a circle of trees as well so for an afternoon ceremony you get a bit of shade just at the right time. 

Another aspects I love about this venue is their presence at wedding expos, I see their co-ordinator Sandy at every one I attend and personally I would love to see a friendly face for a bit of a chat before committing to a full on tour meeting. 

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