Wedding Music

Picking the music for your wedding is so crucial and honestly, so hard! Listening to Spotify playlist after Spotify playlist can help to narrow things down but can also make the list bigger. The easiest way is to just chat to your partner about your preferences and style and go from there. Communicating with each other will narrow things down quicker than any other way, I promise. 

So what songs do you need? It probably feels like a tonne but, of course my favourite way is to use a checklist!

Ceremony Music

Prelude: the music your guests will enjoy before you arrive.

Processional: When your bridesmaids walk down the aisle before you.

The bride's entrance: when you reveal yourself to your waiting groom and guests. This can be the same as the processional.

Signing of the registry: Quiet, reflective music.

Recessional: When you all leave the ceremony, usually upbeat.

Reception music

Introduction/ arrival: when you and your bridal party enter the reception venue.

The first dance: When you and your groom take to the dance floor.

Special Dances: Father/daughter, mother/son etc.

Cake cutting

Bridal Party Dance: If you decide to do so.

Bouquet toss

Garter toss

Leaving the reception: when you and your new hubby leave to start your honeymoon